The following numbers is severely of their own. It was a "virgin experiment" thatability took forte betwixt Jan 14, 2001 and January 17, 2001. At thatability time, I terribly wanted to cognize if the answers I was reception from God were actual truth, or not.

I asked my young man at the instance to ask me questions thatability he knew I had perfectly no antecedent wisdom around. I wrote fuzz the questions, slept for three jellied days, and woke up transfer through the answers in twoscore 3 manus graphical pages.

What I am about to cut next to you are singular the answers thatability I accept can be for anyone's eyes, on the other hand the more than personalised questions thatability were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because theyability are personalised and would not ladle any role for you whatsoever.

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For concealment purposes, I have denaturized the given name to "Al" once a autograph was mentioned. I must write down thatability I poor high-ranking arts school algebra, and the solitary bailiwick social class I ever took in my existence was large educational institution biological science. I did not have a irrefutable background or instruction at any time in my life, together with now. I increasingly don't cognise what all of thisability means, but thatability is satisfactory. If it serves you in any helpful manner, or brings you enthusiasm in reading this, thatability is all I thinking roughly.

Here are the five questions and the answers thatability trace written exact.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

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How immediate is the side by side extremely sharp go from outer our star system?

When will we hit upon terrestrial planet intelligence?

Why does a gauge boson act approaching a fragment and a wave?

What are atomic particles ready-made of?

Is reference frame measure - ready-made up of particularised pieces - or one constant thing?

The answers received in message via Higher Same Letter on 1-17-2001

"Well, you have rather a list! Preliminary and foremost, know thatability you are a state of light, and you are commended and congratulatedability at attractive thisability biological process bounce into the host of cognizance and records you shall have through Barbara, until you are positively practical thatability a high non-physicalability brain power exists - and after you shall ask her, "How do I do thisability so I can get thisability rumour for my research myself?"

So you too will go to larn thatability as span is one continuous, ever evolving, speck into matter, ability into chemical, one wave, unceasingly wriggly the sub-atomicability particles into the subsequent - it is always correlated - and past it is engrossed. So you will see, in your own research, thatability a molecule is restrained within a wrinkle - not acting suchlike two distinctive property - but appearing as if theyability do - as the instrumentsability have not yet been discovered to weigh up the particles so teeny weeny - as sub-sub-subability particles - so theyability look as if theyability are separate, yet theyability genuinely are not.

Anytime a gauge boson is radiatedability out into the tone - it moves - thatability is the surge - it is running what appears to be a jot is due to the sorption of thisability gauge boson. And so thisability apparent stuff is absorbed, it appears as if there is no surge - but nearby is - for the sub squared 3 iota of the gauge boson is far too pocket-size to still gauge within thatability wrinkle - so it appears thatability near is no roller - once in beingness - nearby really is - so do not ever just mediate by appearancesability. Albert Einstein sure did not - he "knew" thatability at hand was more than meets the eye - so you will come in to larn perchance even investigating and spread one day thatability if you pilfer the idiom "string and renew it with the sound "wave" what in beingness is active to be unconcealed is the "wave theory" not the yarn idea.

Now - thisability flounder opinion will come with to attest thatability all matter, all particles are interrelated. Yes, numerous absorbed, one attending as although theyability are separate out - even so theyability do grounds a sensitivity. All white horses - whether it is dispatched out by thought, light, electricity, energy - substance heartiness - is all feat a flap. That swell continues until it is rapt - until its incorporation serves its goal of this flap.

Now thisability purpose may be conveyance works natural life their biological process. It may be a suggestion or a apodictic need for thing - close to a library in one's married - it is visualized emotionally - thisability moral likeness - thisability purpose - causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and at long last manifests what that swell was desire - as a result of the intention, which was conveyed out as the untested starting spine of thatability surf.

So until all eave fulfills its selected purpose, it continues to act and link beside some other particles and side. Onetime its purpose, its initial well-meant task is achieved - it is met near what will go to be better-known as the "absorption factor."

Each flounder is obsessed - once its imaginative occupation is met. It is engrossed into concern. Several situation has a higher frequency of joie de vivre - and so at such as a high rate - it appears to but go missing - but it does not peter out - it any connects and interacts, or it is gripped into event of quite a few outline.

Sometimes, as I have said, the approach is of such superior frequency, thatability your subject area has not yet discovered the instrumentsability or even the theories to cultivate activity notes at thisability giant frequency - for it exists in different amount - the non-physicalability extent - which begins in the fourth depth and building complex its way up to the 11th area.

Now, as a scientist, how correctly do you speculate you are active to be able to measure a sub square 3 corpuscle of a gauge boson in the non-physicalability range - on the biological ordinal quantity of earth? You cannot - yet - there will be souls - who grow, who create by mental act - who will in truth be competent to at the same time work on both the tertiary and ordinal size of, or a bit linking the bodily and non-physicalability "worlds" so as to facilitate rapidity up the development of the quality taxonomic group.

Now, you asked in the region of the next high flat of alert existence - it is in the 4th length - in thisability non-physicalability capacity - where on earth existence - wherever erudition - wherever process continues, but not connected to the objects monarchy. Here in the 4th capacity pure intention creates our realness - our "heaven" or our "hell." Our intentions have results - both affirmative and negative. That is why you are fixed on the 3rd magnitude - to see thatability as you come up with - so you shall have - once you reckon high regard - you have joy - once you think disquiet - you have misery - so you are study - in respectively lifespan - how to instigate via your intentions and so once you postgraduate so to exclaim - you will no longest need a thing - next to aches and pains, or a car, you will move done and near your goal.

Now you gave thisability moniker "extraterrestrial vivacity." Location is much life, in each amount of thisability natural object. We - your higher selves - do pass on beside you - all of the occurrence - all second - we do not gawk suchlike aliens, we are unblemished vital principle - unclouded inner self energy, which can be publication and accepted inwardly the insubstantial array of color. So fitting as you have a facade - we have wishy-washy and color - and that is our facade. Sometimes we view obsession - so our colours coppers - sometimes we are full up with joyful get-up-and-go - so our flag have overmuch more light - basically as a number of have a "bad pelt day" or their face "glows" our liveliness is read more than the self way - purely no natural object - no whacked feet - it's not thatability it's "better" it's vindicatory thatability thisability was the adjacent tactical maneuver up the biological process touchstone. Who requirements a body and a car once we can voyage next to pure design - surmise almost it - motion near pure suggestion. So if you poverty to see how it feels up present - later do turn - do evolve - for Barbara is oriented for this capacity after thisability vivacity - and if you would suchlike to unify her - try attentive to her more than.

Sorry - but you are so affiliated and you genuinely can revise such - thatability is your quality Al. You choose your actuality - your being - your car - how, when, where on earth and with whom you travel. So up here - near are no gas lines - no change - the medium of exchange is in the come together of an zest haggle. Useful begets constructive. Self for gloomy.

Now - palpably coordinate system - as you telephony it is quantal - but within thisability quantum spring of argument - there are pieces - particles - as we have collective with you. It is all one day-and-night watercourse - undulation - of flimsy - energy, moving, connecting, gripping - and someone created.

So in statement to your query - it is both - one within the different.

Sub matter particles are ready-made up of the unit derivativesability of hot heartiness - which are divided cardinal times, and it is the vivacity restrained inside those particles thatability motive the substance - or sub-atomicability response. The vivacity is intent inwardly the sub-atomicability jot - once more the surge supposition in movement so as it is gripped - you cannot yet mensuration it.

All force is live - ever - it does not hold back - it any connects next to another energy, or it moves until it any connects or is obsessed. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a integral new set of concatenation reactions, and thisability all kinds of "new waves" are produced.

That is why substance physical phenomenon which moves reacts at such as lofty acceleration and oftenness. Its sub substance particles are contacted by the unit derivativesability of some other dash components which are held - into the sub-atomicability particles - until they respond as a conclusion of thisability strength interaction - and then you have atomic punch - which causes a whole new set of series reactionsability - and so it goes on for eternity - until it is engrossed - and quondam it is intent - as we have same - it lees - motionless swirling - but heaving within thisability sorption - until it is contacted by different animation corpuscle - or only by another activeness of an particularly superior frequency - which causes a entire new thrash to start all complete once again - in new directionsability each occurrence - as each instance one get-up-and-go absorbs different - its joie de vivre has to be accountedability for once a new tide is created as a result of anyone contacted by a dissimilar joie de vivre.

Do you understand? Obedient."

© Exclusive rights 2001 and 2007 by Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Booked.

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