Journeys of Hope: A Star Shall Lead Them

Written & illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier

Guardian Angel Publishing

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ISBN: 1-933090-28-6

Copyright 2005

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Ebook, 26 pages, $6.00

Children's Picture Book/Christian

Journeys of Hope is a attractive graphic ebook that includes cardinal fables: Hope from Above, Follow the Star, Hermit in need a Home, War and Peace, and Eye of the Beholder. The name of these fables is a really cute supernatural being fish titled Hope.

But Hope is no ordinary spiritual being aquatic vertebrate. For one thing, she has way instead of flipper. In fable number one, she besides carries next to her a marked surreptitious. The tribulation is, not each one in the water believes her. They see her overwhelming narration as a grotesque anecdote. Nonetheless, Hope doesn't offer up and continues wide the statement that she believes to be true, that "There's intensity preceding the facade of the ocean." Then one day, she learns that there's a frosty mammal aware at the lowermost in sum dimness. Filled next to courage, Hope swims to the lowermost to explain to her legend of the brightness above to the pitch-black brute. Will the mammal understand her occurrence story?

In fabrication number two, Hope learns that there's a underground cave at the far westbound end of the ocean that leads to a tarn titled Salvation. The hassle is, it is very much brown out location. However, soon a natural event happens: each event Hope says the word "Faith", the Starfish who inhabits the natural enclosure glows consummately. Will Hope accomplish Salvation now that she has disclosed the confidential into finding it?

In tale number three, there happens to be a prodigious Hermit decapod crustacean conscious in a excessive bleak ditch at the bottom of the the deep. The decapod has no friends and lives by himself, embittered by his own isolation. Will Hope be able to tie the decapod crustacean and initiate his intuition to the occurrence of friendship?

In fable amount four, Hope finds a serious region of turned metallike rubble at the nethermost of the ocean. She wonders what it is and wherever it comes from. Learning that the fragments comes from war, Hope has one big question in her mind: Why are there wars? Egan, an older physical phenomenon eel, is much than glad to response her questions. He likewise makes her cognize that nearby are no winners in war, and that the single way one could truly be a contestant is by shadowing the road of religion and piousness.

In the later myth Hope is as solicited by her helper Mabel the Manatee to be a visiting at a comeliness pageantry. To Hope's surprise, Mabel tells her she is one of the contestants and, what's more, she's even convinced she's going to win in nastiness of mortal obese. Hope wants to be encouraging, but how can she when all the separate creatures are more smooth and svelte than Mabel? Soon the opposite fish initiate to snort and call Mabel defamation. But what do you weighing happens when the judge-a manatee!-shows up? A cute myth active how make-up is not only inside us, but in the eye of the someone as ably.

Though this is a newspaper that azoic readers can publication on their own, I would suggest an full-grown to read it to offspring the archetypal time, if simply to construct the Christian messages and symbols in the substance clear to new minds. Collier's dedication illustrations are as ever gleaming and colorful and a genuine nourishment to the eye. The literary genre and duologue are engaging. This is a folder the total ethnic group can savour and one that invites brood to mull over and ask questions. It is as well the loving of scrap book that teaches lacking discourse. Recommended for teenaged Christian readers.

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